Slow down
Get away from your phone
Grab a coffee
Grab a drink
Just be
Or just get work done...
around the corner

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The next community from the Switchyards team

Three years after launching the original Switchyards in Downtown Atlanta, we're creating a new type of club where all kinds of doers can get stuff done and break bread.

No one breaks bread at a coworking place

The future of work is not work-life balance, it's work-life integration. A place for your day job should also be a place for your hobby, your side hustle, your meetings, your leisure, your...

Get off your damn phone

The next decade will be about disconnecting from tech and connecting more with people. We think a neighborhood club to get away, slow down and think sounds pretty damn good right about now.

An old idea reimagined for 2019

100 years ago, there were clubs where creative communities got together in the real world. IRL. Some of the best movements in history came out of these places.

"There are few places where the creativity actually reaches into your soul a little. Switchyards is one of those places."

"Without a doubt, Switchyards and its members are the fuel for the flames of progress in Atlanta."

"One of the things I enjoy about Switchyards is that almost everyone is actually working on creating something."

Coming soon to neighborhoods around Atlanta

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Switchyards Neighborhood Club will be a place for living not scrolling. It's lofty, we know, but the world needs it.

We'll be back in touch soon.